Update on the three houses assignment

I love it. Turtle graphics is not as obvious as it seems. For VB it is necessary to install the Small Basic library as a resource. For Python the “from turtle import *” is needed and then knowing to close and reopen Python (that one took me a while). The kids learn the idiosyncrasies of Scratch. The little detail that the Scratch sprite does not start from a home location each time the program is run requires some initial planning in the program. The assignment is not making them great programmers but it is definitely stressing their problem solving skills. The kids learned that cut and paste between languages works, sort of, and is usually not the best way to save time. The result of cut and paste is just a bit buggy and it is actually easier to write from scratch. I am getting a lot of “Hey, look at this. Isn’t this cool.” kind of comments. The house building has also turned out sort of interesting. Outhouses, igloos, castles, all requiring some thought. Good stuff.


One Response to “Update on the three houses assignment”

  1. Alfred Thompson Says:

    I’m a huge fan of projects like this that let students decide what a “house” looks like and make the project their own. It also sounds like a lot of peer learning is going on. having students show each other new things that they discover really makes a difference. Its one reason why I think the best CS classroom are a little noisy. 🙂

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