I can’t keep up!

Did you ever have students you just cannot keep up with?  I have two junior boys like that in my Programming class.  This is their third semester of programming and they are the only two students in the class at that period.  I happily gave them the 3-program house drawing assignment and turned around to work at my desk.  I glance over my shoulder every now and then for the next couple of class periods (it is a very small lab) to see how they are doing and they wiz through 4 languages in no time.  I have to miss their class for a meeting.  I come back the next period and they have decided to write a game in C#.  Why?  Just ‘cause.  It took them less than an hour to learn how to get a background to scroll right and left with the arrow keys.  They had never done anything like that before; they did not use a reference book or find an example (my usual method) which is why it took them that long.  This is an interesting team.  Most kids when you pair them up the work output is less than the sum of the individuals.  That is typically what I experience with high school students.  These two combined are like an exponential thing.  I have created a monster that is really fun to watch.  Each one of these kids is probably smarter than I am.  Together they are beyond anything I have experienced in the sense of teamwork and idea generating.  I am just going to leave them alone and watch.  They learn more on their own than I could possibly teach them.  I think I am good for the rest of the year , I can dream up projects to keep them engaged.  The big question is: what the heck am I going to do if they want to take a programming class next year?  Java?  I know a little Java.  They know nothing about Java.  Maybe Win7 Phone apps writing?  I have a feeling I am going to have to get clever.  Poor me.


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