Game Maker

The year is winding down so for a time filler I downloaded Game Maker for my Programming II kids.  I am not familiar with Game Maker, I just knew it existed, that there was a free version and some teachers are using it for a piece of intro programming software.  In my programming class of six (4 sophomores, 2 juniors, 5 male, 1 female), three boys immediately got sucked in.  One of them, an average student with no real flair for programming and a strong resistance to reading, swallowed the thing hook, line and sinker.  He has been glued to the computer for the last three days learning how to build a simple 2D shooting game.  He is working through the tutorials on his own and is showing the other two how to run the software.  It is interesting to see what grabs some kids and not others.   I am a sucker for anything that makes kids think and do logical thought processing, even if it is some funky game writing software.


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