Programming Methods Course Outline v1

I have started on an outline for a programming methods course for teachers.  I am designing the course to be as general as possible so it will be suitable for elementary or secondary teachers.  This outline is based on my 10+ years of experience teach programming to middle school and high school students.  Since I teach in Montana and programming teachers are not a dime-a-dozen in Montana there has not been a lot of teaching technique comparisons in my programming teaching career.   As a result this outline is from a very narrow experience base.   So please give comments/recommondations/objections.

The material is posted on my Skydrive account

Since I use Skydrive once in a blue moon I hope it is accessible.

At the moment the folder contains the primary file “Programming Methods Course” and 5 files of references.  I will slowly expand both as I find more references and get more ideas.  Most of the references are not my writing.  I have tried to give credit to the authors when posted.


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