MS Education Leadership Conference, here I come

This Sunday I am off to a three day Microsoft Education Leadership conference in Bellevue, WA starting on the 13th.  This is my first attendance of a computer conference of any type and my first conference of any type in about 15 years.  The fact that it was free, and the school was willing to foot the motel bill, was a good enough excuse to give it a whirl.  They had me fill out a pre-conference survey.  Considering I was not even sure what some of the survey questions were asking (too much hyper-geek speak) things do not bode well for the conference.  In order for public sector participants (?) to eat the offered lunch they are supposed to fax a letter from the institution’s ethics officer.  What, may I ask, is an ethics officer?  I am bringing enough money so I can buy my own lunch.  No, it does not take two days to get from Missoula, MT to Bellevue, WA.  I taking my motorcycle and am going to take every little northern Washington curvy back road I can find so long as it goes in a westerly direction.  If the conference is less than inspirational, the ride over will make up for it.  I think the biggest thing I want to bring away from the event are contacts.  I hope to meet people that are doing practical things for computer education at the teacher/kid level.


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