I am off to National Guard for two weeks.

I am off to National Guard for two weeks.  I built my sub plans last week.  Poor sucker.  The Stats class will be a piece of cake.  Everybody has a book, the class is all fairly motivated seniors and they are pretty smart.  The three programming classes are going to be another story.  The sub is not a programmer.  I have one copy of the text.  For one of the Advanced Programming classes this is no big deal; three students that have been programming for a couple of years and are really into it.  Give them the assignment and let them go.  The other Adv Prog class is a different story.  The five students have very little experience with VB and need to read the book closely.  As usual they do not want to read, they want to hammer keys.  The sub cannot demonstrate then have the kids do it.  I had to give my Prog I class to the other programming teacher.  He now has two classes at once.  Usually this is no big deal, this is a small school and this happens fairly often, but the three kids in the Prog I are orangutans with ADD.  A 30 second attention span is not conducive to good programming.   Did I mention I am also the school system admin and computer fix it guy?  Should be an interesting two weeks.  I better keep my phone charged.


2 Responses to “I am off to National Guard for two weeks.”

  1. Alfred Thompson Says:

    Feel free to give the programming subs my email and otehr contact information. I’ll be happy to help out if there is anything I can do to be useful.

  2. Garth Says:

    Thanks Alfred. Luckily our school is small enough the other programming teacher will be available to help the sub. The sub is a semi retired engineer that is very smart, which means he knows when to ask for help. I hate doing Guard during the school year, I like the kids and I really miss my classes, even the class of orangutans. Leaving the kids with a sub is like leaving your own kids with a new baby sitter. Just makes me nervous. Of course two weeks of Guard pays about 4 weeks of teaching which is a bit of a motivation.

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