Teacher prep for CS

There has been a lot of discussion out in blogland on the state of teacher prep to teach CS by Schools of Education.  The universal consensus seems to be that there is no teacher prep for CS by the Schools of Education.  Does anyone out there know of any University/College that offers a teacher prep program for CS?  I am not thinking of a CS degree program but more in the direction of courses designed for the non-CS major who might have an interest in teaching CS at the high school level.  Since most high school CS teachers seem teach another subject; math, science and business seem to be the most common, the course work would be something that fits into another major, not something like another 30 credits of course work that the average education student does not have the time or money for.  I have been working on a methods course for CS but since I have never seen such a course I am just working on personal experience.  In other words, after teaching introductory programming courses for many years, what would I have found really handy to know prior to students walking in the door the first time.  I would really like to hear what other people consider vital for a CS methods course or what course work would be considered vital.


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  1. Finding a Place For Computer Science Education « JFev Technology Says:

    […] There is also the problem of teacher preparation. As Garth Flint writes in his blog (Teacher prep for CS) there are not really many ? perhaps not any ? universities that are really teaching people to be […]

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