VB assignment

I gave this to my wiz-bang class yesterday.  These three guys are smarter than I so I have to dream up projects that require them to think, not just code.  The programming text book I am using, “Programming in Visual Basic 2008” by Bradley and Millspaugh, is right up there with watching grass grow.  There is just something about giving really bright kids an assignment that I have not quite figured out myself.  Keeps me awake during my prep preiod.

Write a program that will draw the picture below.  You will need to import the Small Basic Library and use the turtle commands from Small Basic.  Use a menu bar for Printing, Clearing and About.  Use a GO button for executing.  The program will require several procedures and a function.

User inputs are:

  1. Number of rows of bricks from a drop down menu.  Min 2 rows, max 10 rows.
  2. Radius from center to inside of first row.
  3. Fill bricks with color or not.  Use a color dialog.
  4. Width and length of bricks.  It will be necessary to put max and min dimensions or there will be visual issues.
  5. If the bricks are colored, outline the bricks or not.
  6. If bricks are to be colored, a choice will be all bricks the same color or all rows different colors.  If the different colors choice is made a dialog will open allowing a color choice for each of the n number of rows. (Example: 3 rows selected imply there are three colors to select.)

 (The picture would not paste.  Imagine bricks laid out in concentric circles.)


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