Win Phone bites it; Droid, here we come

Well, another brilliant idea bites the dust.  I was going to throw my three bright boys at Windows Phone Apps by using the emulator.  They are a little bit familiar with C# so I figured they could get something up and running in a quarter.  There is one minor issue, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone is for Win 7/Vista only and the school is XP.  We do not have a Win 7 machine in the school.  I did have two but for some strange reason they stopped talking to my domain and I could not figure out why, so XP they became again.  Working with XP is like working on a ’56 Ford pickup truck.  Lift the hood and everything is recognizable and fairly simple.  It may not be glamorous but it does what is needed in a fairly simple and robust way.  Working with Win 7 is like working on a 2010 Toyota pickup.  Once you find the hood latch and get the hood open you go “ohh, pretty”, and close the hood.  It also has lots of really cool whistles and bells that I really do not want the kids using.  A couple of the local schools are going to Win 7 and are having way too much fun with trying to get it to work with their system.  Besides, if it is not free, we usually do not own it and we own XP.  I am still planning on the Mac/iPod app route but want to save that for next semester and was hoping to do something somewhat familiar.  Maybe it is Droid time.  I am not a big fan of Java but that is caused somewhat by ignorance and a really bad college instructor many years ago.  I have never used Eclipse and learning a new IDE can be a bit daunting.  It definitely would not hurt the kids to be somewhat familiar with a little Java and considering that is how much Java I remember that might be a good way to go.  Time to hit Barnes and Noble.


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