Win 7 Phone Dev for Absolute Beginners and kids

I started Win 7 Phone Development for Absolute Beginners with my two advanced programming classes today. I am not a big fan of video tutorials but the price is right. The problem with video tutorials is the pace does not always match the watchers knowledge level and skipping through the video often misses some pearls in the mud. I really like the way the Bob presents the material but the video is a bit slow for my classes. They have quite a bit experience with Visual Studio IDE through VB but very little C# so the videos are very tedious through certain parts. A text document to accompany the video would be a major assist. The kids could skip over the parts they are familiar with and only endure the new material video. Another approach is having the written text be the main part of the material with the video as a backup. If the kids get bored or cannot move at a faster pace than the video they have a tendency to give up or shoot the teacher. As the material gets more unfamiliar the videos will become more useful and less tedious but right now I am just hunkered down in my corned pleading with them to not shoot. I think written material would solve this problem. I am sitting here considering how much work it would be to build a text based program at this level, something like Rob Miles’ C# Yellow Book. Of course I would have to plagiarize the heck out of the video material but that does not seem to be a major problem considering nothing is for profit. One big advantage of writing this thing is I would sure learn the material. It could also be patched into some of the higher level videos from channel9 Windows Phone Jump Start. These are next on my watching list. I went cruising at Barnes and Noble this weekend looking for text material but there was nothing on the shelves.


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