First Phone 7 game

The kids are still wading through the Windows 7 Phone Development for Absolute Beginners videos.  You know a video series is an absolute success when the kids say it is not as bad as they thought originally.  It is still a bit of a struggle to sit and watch but they are sitting and watching.  I am going to have to dream up a simple game project here soon to keep them from burning out.  I was considering a simple Tic-Tac-Toe but then I saw Rob Miles has a series going on writing the old Battleship game.  Since whatever they write has to be text based (the videos do not hit on graphics) that might be a good start.  His Battleship is written in C# but it is not designed for the phone so there will be a little challenge to modify the game.  Designing the game to fit the phone format will make it interesting and then getting some kind of visual game play on the screen, i.e. a grid of some kind with hits and misses for each player, should present a good problem to solve.  Wikipedia outlines the game nicely. We will have to see how the two grids per player will fit on the screen.  As usual I think the coding will be the easy part of the project.  Designing the game play and logic will be the hard part, which is as it should be.


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