Assignment 1 for Absolute Beginners

I just had one of my classes do the first assignment in the Windows 7 Phone for Absolute Beginners video series.  Not having a reference document was a major, major issue.  “What video did we see that in?” became the issue.  I did not remember how to set the focus to the text box so it took me three videos of scanning to find it.  I am thinking that they need to take some serious notes as they watch these things.  I have started to write up the videos in a document but it takes a lot of time I do not have.  Of course having the kids look through the videos trying to find things was not all bad, there was lots of review.  I still like the videos but I definitely have to get a reference built for each.  Something as simple as the key topics covered in each would probably be enough.  It definitely is not going to happen this weekend; there is a lot of fresh snow and the snowboard is crying to be ridden.


One Response to “Assignment 1 for Absolute Beginners”

  1. Alfred Thompson Says:

    Fresh snow is all but impossible to resist. I haven’t had my board out yet this season but hopefully soon.

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