Troubleshooting VB is fun – sort of

I did an experiment with saving and VB today with my kids.  I had them save projects in different ways; local hard drive, network drive, and usb drive.  I then copied their project folder from the saved location to a network shared drive and to a folder on my desktop to see what kind of issues would occur.  From local drive – no issues, usb drive – no issues, network drive –urrk!  Copy and paste results in a resource error because the program is trying to find a resource in the kid’s network drive folder.   If I map their individual student network drive folder to my computer and then run their project things work just fine.  A pain but it is a method.  Except for the five computers in my advanced lab, kids do not have access to the local hard drives.  I am going to have to play with this a bit more.  I am somewhat determined to find a solution to this network drive issue, not because the issue is a big deal but because it presents an interesting challenge. 

The Mac thing is also proving itself to be a challenge.  Too many years with Windows.  The install directions of the software I was installing said to drag the program folder to the Applications folder.  Took me 5 minutes to find the Applications folder then I was told I had to be an administrator to change the Applications folder.  I thought I was.  Thank heaven we have a teacher that is a Mac guru.  I have got to get some Macs permanently in my lab so the kids can learn multiple platforms.  Of course it would help if my lab was not an over-sized closet with a max occupancy of 6 really close friends.

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