Java coming up

Dang this blog is handy.  After my post about Java I got several great suggestions.  One recommending Greenfoot and another BlueJ.  After a little Googling they both seem to be viable options.  Greenfoot seems to be more beginner oriented and more “entertaining” with its graphics and gaming approach.  BlueJ seems more traditional but more comprehensive.  I think I will get a copy of “Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot” and give it to my two seniors.  Being smarter than I am they should be able to show me what it is all about before the school year is out.  I will also order a copy of “Objects First with Java”.  It gets rave reviews so I should be able to figure out Java with BlueJ.  It is always good to have two possible routes to a goal.  I had seriously thought about avoiding Java but I got an email the other day from one of my last year’s graduates.  He is slogging through a Java course right now at a university in Portland, OR.  My local university uses Java as their intro programming language so it seems in order to give my kids a better foundation I should do something in Java.  I may not go hog wild with an APCS Java course quite yet, I really want to where the APCS Principles goes, but enough so they have a general idea of the language.  I still think C# will stay my language of choice for the advanced kids, and C# is Javaesque enough that I probably do not need to do Java but it is always good to have that added exposure to something different.  It will also get them out of the Microsoft IDE environment.  I think working outside the Microsoft environment will be a revelation.  I expect to have five seniors in programming next year.  They are getting a bit smart for their britches.  Revenge will be sweet.  Cackle, cackle.  (Sorry, it is late and I have not had lunch.  Lack of sugar is affecting my brain.)


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