Game software for the Droid

The last couple of days I have been messing around with Corona, a software for writing 2D games for iPod and Droid devices.  The demos look really slick. The language, Lua, looks fairly straight forward so I am thinking this would be an interesting way for the kids to write apps for their phones.  It is always interesting to see what a software company publishes in the way of documentation.  The company has several tutorials that are somewhat repetitive and incomplete, lots of really cool sample code that is totally unexplained, and a number of videos that would take a lifetime to look through.  There is no order to the material and no comprehensive tutorial that would be useful to base a course on.  This software has huge possibilities for education but the little details of making it a feasible tool for a teacher just are not there yet.  It is easy to see that the documentation was written by people who know their software but do not understand how people learn to use the software.   I will continue to play with this software; it just has too many possibilities not to, and maybe get enough organization to build a course around.


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