The true meaning of “computer science”

School starts next week.  In the last two weeks I have:
1. installed OS’s on donated computers (requires finding the drivers),
2. continued my lesson on never buying refurbished computers (I bought a batch a couple of years ago, they die in weird ways),
3. started learning about Citrix Zen virtualizations,
4. installed Moodle on said virtualization (still got issues with that),
5. tried to get Windows7 computers to talk to my domain after they have been off for two months (after a while I reformatted the computers to XP),
6. figured out how to get some of my XP machines to get back on the domain after having been off for two months,
7. learned something funky is going on with Windows Update in that a bunch of my new installs are going to a Windows Support page that tells me something is wrong with Windows Update.  The solution is to reinstall Windows Update Agent.  I have a couple of hours into that solution.
8. Trial and errored my way through Dell’s list of network drivers to find out which of the seven is the correct one for the computers I just reformatted.
9. Learned about Office Word forms, ActiveX controls on forms and why they are a pain in the rear.  One of my principals wants to do teacher evaluations on his iPad.  One solution is to buy $300 worth of software, learn the software and build the form.  Being the foolish yet ingenious soul that I am I thought it might be better to build the form in Word then use remote control software to access his PC and the form.  This should save money.  If I had more time it would be an interesting project.  Did I mention school starts next week?
10. Learned I am supposed to give an in-service presentation on “technology tools” to the teaching staff.  I only have a 45 minute block so Google Docs and Skydrive should fill the time.
Things I have not done:
1. Looked at what I am supposed to teach in my sophomore Geometry class.  I have not taught sophomores or Geometry in about 15 years.
2. Clarified what I want to teach in Programming 1.  Troy has been teaching Programming 1 for the last 4 years, I know what he covers but I am just not sure if that is what I want to do or the way I want to do it.
3. Firmed up my Advanced Programming curriculum by trying it out.  I am doing some Lego robots to start off with but have not had time to fiddle with them.  I have used them before but am a bit rusty.
4. Rewritten my Stats class like I had planned.
5. Played with Kodu.  I was going to do that in the evenings but it crashes my laptop.  The laptop was donated two years ago and was about 5 years old then.  The video card is not a happy camper with Kodu.
6. Practiced with Google Docs and Skydrive for that presentation.

7.  Prepped sub material for the two weeks I will be gone in September for National Guard.  Bad, bad timing for that.
So Saturday I am going for a motorcycle ride.  I plan to speed excessively (the thing is good for about 155 mph, I am good for about 130), drag my toes around lots of corners and generally scare the bejezes out of myself.  Although this has nothing to do with computer science it does help relieve a little pressure.  Sunday I have to work on that teacher eval form.  He wants it week after next.
Did I mention school starts next week?


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