The Good Idea Fairy is not a kind entity.

I just got burned hard by the Good Idea Fairy.  I read about Google’s App Inventor and thought to myself “Now that looks worthwhile for a few weeks in Programming I”.  I tinkered with the tutorials and got a good idea of how it works, built the samples and decided to give it a try.  Opps.  I got the kids started and let them run with the tutorials.  Reading the tutorial is about the only thing that worked correctly.  The first day was not a success but I figure we can work out the bugs as a group.  Then the website disappeared.  The tutorial site is still up but the app site is gone.  Sometime the Good Idea Fairy is just not kind.  I guess we are going to GameMaker for a while.

I am going to pick up a Kinect this weekend.  I have wayyy too much time on my hands so I thought I would use some of that wasteful social time normally spent with wife and child trying to refresh my C# and write some code for that.  We had a no-texting and driving assembly yesterday with a high-speed DJ.  He had an electronic software controller device that looked like but simulated the old multiple turn tables that allowed him to control his music and videos.  I casually mentioned that the device could probably be replaced with a Kinect and hand gestures.  He wanted to know how much I wanted to build it for him.  So I now have a robot project and a DJ project that are of interest.  Time to dig up those Kinect/C# tutorials.  Don’t you just love the Good Idea Fairy?


One Response to “The Good Idea Fairy is not a kind entity.”

  1. Tim Says:

    Good idea, bad timing, google is ending support for App Inventor. MIT is supposed to open source it early next year.

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