Kinect and Scratch together, OMG!

So I am surfing the web looking for Kinect programming stuff.  I find this link  I take a look at the Stephen Howell link.  I hit what may be a major jackpot.  Stephen has written a program that links the Kinect to Scratch.  Kids know Scratch.  Kids actually like programming in Scratch.  Throw in the Kinect and my “Oh goody” light goes on, my heart races and I think BAIT.  I have been playing with it for only a couple of hours.  The results are pretty interesting.  Stephen and I had several email chats getting the software set up.  The version of Kinect2Scratch he originally had posted only worked with the SDK beta1, not the beta2.  This was a problem because Microsoft took the beta1 link off of the Kinect SDK download site.  He posted a new version last night that works with beta2.
If you use Scratch in your programming class and you want your kids hopping around the room while they dream up games or activities for the Kinect that they can program, take a look at this.  It is simple enough for the lowest level Scratch programmer.
Stephen is not a fulltime programmer.  He is a professor at Dublin and the Kinect2Scratch is just a personal project.  I think he has made a major mistake making this available.  He is going to get buried in email.


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