The hacking lung crud strikes!

The day after the Christmas break started I got the hacking lung crud.  Still got a mild case of it.  All those plans I had for getting computer work done at school went down the tubes.  The idea I was going to start working on the Corona programming material and fill in any perceived holes in Brian Burton’s “Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona” went down the tubes.  All ambition, down the tubes.  It is amazing how that works.  I really did not think I was that sick other than a mild fever and a nasty cough but it sure does make me tired and stupid.

I am really glad the snow did not come during the break.  Death bed or not I would have gone snowboarding.  Wife would have been real pissed.  She just does not understand priorities.  We are supposed to get some weather next week therefore I will be healthy next week.  It has been 50 degrees in Missoula the last two days.  If it were not for the hacking lung crud I would be running every day.  I have an eight hour adventure race April 21st and a marathon to do July 8th.  The hacking lung crud is putting a crimp in the training plan.  The last time I did a marathon four years ago my training was lacking and I had a heart attack at about mile 20.  I finished (former Marines die before quitting or they are too stupid to quit, same thing) but the wife was really pissed.  I was going to run the marathon the next year but both the wife and the doctor were not excited by the idea.  The next year I was out of town.  So I am ready to try again.  Now if I can only get rid of the hacking lung crud.


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