Corona, Tic-Tac-Toe and writing lessons

I have been writing up my lessons plans for Corona in sort of book form.  Writing in all the details of how to build a program assuming that someone is not explaining the gaps in the lesson is really a lot of work.  Writing enough detail to have things make sense but not writing so much detail that all the kid has to do is cut and paste is pretty tricky.  I can see why I cannot find a programming text I like; they are a real pain to write.

I stole Alfred Thompson’s Tic-Tac-Toe logic (thanks Alfred) and build the Corona equivalent.  It ain’t pretty but it works.  Of course it took me an hour to find the little typo that made one of the rows a winner if there were only two like symbols.  I am thinking I may need a 30 inch monitor with a bit larger resolution.  Paying more attention to detail would be cheaper but it would be so much more work.  Now I just need to write up the lesson so the kids can learn how to do it without telling them how to do it.  Learning a language when all you have is a couple of poorly written APIs and a pretty good forum is really a kick.  Sometimes the kick is in the wrong place but still fun.

I like this project because it involves a lot of levels of planning yet the idea is simple.  I had the kids step through the game first and write out what has to be done in pseudo code.  We then did a flow chart using the pseudo code just to get a better visualization of what the program is going to involve.  Our next step will be to break the flow chart symbols and pseudo code down into more detail.  We will then go to coding subroutines.

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