I love Mondays like this.

What a lovely Monday.  I did not come in this weekend to check my network as I usually do so of course everything was ate up this morning.  Let’s see… first thing the network file server was not happy and wanted to do a disk check.  On a weekend, no problem but it takes about an hour (really big drive) to grind through this process while teachers needed tests they saved on the drive.  So about half-way through figuring out this issue the elementary principal emails me his iPad is not able to connect to his computer so he cannot do his planned teacher observations.  Can I come over immediately?  It takes me 30 minutes to figure out my DHCP server was not handing out IP addresses to wireless devices.  I have not had time to solve that yet.  Then the Parrish office calls to inform me their internet was down.  I find a sub to watch my class and an hour later, after checking all the obvious things, I figure out their router is sick.  How does a router get sick?  Beats me but it works for a while then decides not to talk to the world any more.  While it is working the network speed is about one tenth what it should be.  A new (OK, slightly used) router and they are back in business.  I get back to my last class of the day 15 minutes after the bell has rung.  No problem, three very smart senior boys who know to just hang out until I show up.  I get them started on the assignment of the day and one of their computers starts giving an OpenGL version error.  Now this computer has been working just fine for 6 months, there are two others just like it working just fine right next to it so what the heck?  It is a Mac and we are using XP in a virtual environment to program in Corona.  How many things could possibly be causing the problem?  Many, very many.  In a day where I normally have 3 contact hours with students I had about 30 minutes.  This may be a two Guinness night.

Tomorrow I can start on my DHCP issue, the MAC-XP-Corona-OpenGL issue and teach the classes I had planned to prep for today.  I am sometimes bored, but that is only because I am deliberately ignoring all the things I need to do.  If I get a phone call tomorrow for help I think I will just say I cannot leave my kids and then cackle insanely.


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