CS in the real world

We had a brief power outage Monday afternoon at about 2.  By brief I mean maybe a second.  This is Montana, it happens.  It is truly amazing what can happen in a second, especially to an Oracle database that is the core of the school grade software.  Four hours of my time, four hours of my $75 an hour consultant’s time and about four hours of the level 2 tech from PowerSchool and we are up and running.  Might be time to reconsider buying that UPS we cannot afford.  I do have two perfectly good UPSs sitting in my storage.  They were donated a couple of weeks ago.  They look really trick.  One minor problem, they are 220 v, 50 amp.  Try and hook that up in a building built in 1922!  The building maintenance guy just kind of giggled when I asked him if it were possible.  Oh well, back to the perpetual motion machine idea.  Maybe car batteries with a battery charger.  Hmmmmm.

How does this relate to CS education?  Get a job in Montana as a CS teacher and you will find out!


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