Summer fun

I have to start planning my summer.  I am on an eleven month contract in order to have time to fix all the stuff I ignored during the school year because I did not have time to fix it.  Being the school techie means you get to do a whole lot of interesting and varied things, none of which you have training for or initially know much about.

Here is my list.

  1. Get a new wireless system up and running in the two schools.  The present system was inexpensive and works that way.
  2. Update 200+ computers from XP to Win 7.  I have no nifty way of doing this.  Lots of CDs, lots of time.
  3. Convert a Xen virtual server to HyperV.  Xen is a pain in the posterior.
  4. Reinstall Moodle on said server.
  5. Update Powerschool again.  They do not seem to believe in automatic updates and all of their updates require 47 poorly explained steps.
  6. Get WSUS working again.  It sort of worked at one time.
  7. Google-ize the school.  Get Google Apps for Education understood.  Maybe convert from Exchange to Google.  Same with Moodle.
  8. Inventory 200+ computers.  Where did I move that computer to?
  9. Learn C# to a level where I can teach it to Programming III kids to write some Kinect stuff.  Since I have not touched C# in two years and even then was a bit weak this should be interesting.
  10. Tinker with Processing.  I may not teach it but I really need to look at popular teaching languages just to be sure I am not missing something that would benefit the kids.
  11. Play with the Arduino board.  I think this thing has a big future as a teaching tool.  Write a program to make lights blink and motors turn?  Cool.
  12. The iPads are coming, the iPads are coming!  The elementary school is getting 52 of the things.  Being the school techie means I have to know how to run the things and be able to give advice.  Which means I have to be semi proficient in the whole Apple i world.
  13. Move my file server from a standard desktop computer with Server 2003 to a real server box.  Should be simple, it won’t be.
  14. Retire a sick domain controller and build a new one.  Should be a real pain, and it will be.  I do not do this often enough.  In fact I do it never.
  15. I have about 30 new computers coming in sometime this summer.  Setting those up in the new lab might take a few minutes.
  16. I have a classroom set of laptops coming in this summer.  Oh goodie.  Lots of setup.
  17. I have to figure out a cart to buy for the laptops.
  18. Collaborate in building a two day techie conference at the local university.  Not my idea but I agreed to help.  I am an idiot.
  19. Collaborate in writing a Corona for Beginners text book.  I think Corona is a great teaching language but there is nothing for the Programming I and II level so I am try to help write something.  I am still an idiot.

Add to this the 17 days of National Guard Annual Training in July, a road trip to Yosemite with the wife and daughter, and, hopefully, a motorcycle trip to British Colombia.  Oh, I almost forgot, I am supposedly training for a marathon in July.  Last time I did a marathon (2008) I had a heart attack at mile 20.  I finished but my time was greater than I wanted and my wife was really pissed at me.  She has said if I do the heart attack thing again she will not let me go out and play with the big kids any more.

I might be slightly over loaded for the summer but at least I will not get too bored.



2 Responses to “Summer fun”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’m curious what wireless system you’re using. We are making some improvements, but I’m wondering if it will be enough to support all our new devices–iPads and Mac Airs–not to mention the ever increasing number of devices the students bring.

  2. Garth Says:

    Right now we are using UniFi APs. At $200 for 3 they are a screaming deal. Free software and no management server. More than 10 or 15 computers hitting one AP is about their limit though. We are going to a Ruckus system this summer. I do not know too much about it but my consultant has gotten good results. The Ruckus will be about $7000 for my two building while other bids were in the $20,000 range. We are economically challenged so we have to try the cheap solutions.

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