It is still a zoo.

What a zoo.  I have been too busy to breath lately.  This half-time teacher, half-time techie just does not fly.  We are transitioning from Outlook/Exchange to Google Apps for Education.  We hired a guy to do the transition for us.  He lives 200 miles away.  I was not consulted on this hire.  I like a consultant that can wander by every now and then so they can show me what they did or show me what to do.  This is worse than a long distance romance.  So I have been teaching myself the ins and outs of GAE deployment.  Luckily we are doing it nice and slow.  I have time to fix all my screw ups.

No Corona this semester.  I simply did not have the time to put into it to make the course good enough for my standards.  I have my two Programming II kids working with Scratch and Kinect.  They are trying to build a semi-original game.  They are both very sharp and from what I can see they have a good idea.  The Programming I kids have just finished with the draw-the-house project in Small Basic.  I am continuing the same project in Visual Basic now.  Having done the project in one language makes teaching the second language much easier.  The kids understand the plan, now they just have to learn the new IDE and the coding differences.  It makes the kids think “how do I do this in this language” and therefore they have to dig around on the internet.  I only like to use Small Basic as a very beginning introduction to programming.  It can do a lot of good programs but its inability to pass parameters and therefore every variable is global just bothers me.  I list parameter passing as sort of a fundamental programming skill.  I also want the kids to declare variables.  It makes them think in terms of variable types.

I need to go make an X on a ceiling.  The maintenance guy is going to hang a projector in a classroom and I have to put the X so he knows how far away from the screen to put the mount.  Thank goodness I have a Masters degree in Math and a minor in CS to make the job easier.  If a CS for Education program ever does get started putting X’s on ceilings has to be included.  Along with how to buy used servers, how to build Costco shelves to put the servers on, and how to run cable through spider infested crawl spaces.  All in a days work.


One Response to “It is still a zoo.”

  1. alfredtwo Says:

    I have to say that I have the utmost respect for you and all you do. With so little time (trying to do two full-time jobs no matter what the administration calls it) you manage to make things work for the students. I salute you.

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