TouchDevelop – Cool idea but EEEEK!

So I thought I would look at TouchDevelop.  Opps.  What a great idea with the absolute worst tutorial/PowerPoints/books to accompany it.  Who writes this stuff?  Some genius from MIT with absolutely no capacity to communicate to the lower life forms?  I admit I have not spent more than an hour in the attempt to figure this out but an hour is about 45 minutes too long to get something that is supposed to be for beginners working.  I used to think GameMaker had the worst tutorials imaginable (they updated them recently, they are still pitiful) but TouchDevelop has lowered the bar to a new low.  I live on tutorials in order to learn programming (there is not a whole lot of choice) so I have gotten pretty proficient at understanding the things even when they are poorly written.  I cannot even figure out how to start or where to start with a TouchDevelop program.  Writing tutorials is not rocket science.  You write something you think is clear and easy to understand then you give it to someone who knows nothing about the subject and see how far they get.  Then you rewrite your tutorial all over again and repeat.  Having an intimate grasp of a topic usually means you are not a suitable person to write a tutorial unaided.  It nothing else, hire a middle school or high school teacher to go through the material to see if it is usable for kids.  And definitely do not release a product until the documentation is right.

Since this looks like such a great idea I will tinker with it a bit more to see if I can stumble on the Rosetta Stone but it is not looking good.  I have a feeling it just needs some time.

I will continue to look for the next great idea in programming for kids simply because I like to show them the latest and greatest to keep them interested.


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