Never a boring moment

It is still a zoo around here.  I had a company offer to give me their MDM (mobile device management) software for free if I bought their new content filter device.  I bought the device and have not had a moment to setup the MDM.  I do have the content filter device up and running, but I have no idea how to manage it.  I bought a new firewall device last month to replace the Cisco ASA that seems to like to turn itself off two or three times a year.  The new device is still sitting on my desk.  I spent four hours this Saturday grading Math II stuff.  I had not touched their work for about a month.  I gave my advanced programming class a Mindstorms robot project.  I have not had time to do the project myself.  I am giving a Corona SDK presentation at the university in a couple of weeks.  I spent yesterday writing up material and making sure the setup is going to work.  I really dislike looking like an idiot in front of college kids.  They are usually smarter than I am and see through most of the cover-up BS I can use with high school kids.  I have a staff in-service presentation this Wednesday at the elementary school.  I give it at about 2:45, at 2:46 most teachers want out the door or back in their rooms to do what they consider more important work (grading).  So the in-service has to be entertaining, quick and achieve my goals.  I watched Seb Lee-Delisle’s “From Zero to Angry Birds in 30 minutes”. I want to incorporate the concept into my Corona course and I want to play with the project.  What a time sucker.  What fun.  Programming is a very bad thing for some people.  It is habit forming, requires lots of time, leads to carpel-tunnel and bad eyes and strange looks from the wife and child during my under the breath mumblings.

The only thing that is a saving grace is that it is 40 degrees outside so it is not prime weather for mountain biking.  It was 23 degrees last night and there is fresh snow on the hills around town.  Being an absolute idiot I signed up to do a 50 mile mountain bike race in July. (Supposedly with age comes wisdom.  No, with age comes an understanding that it would be nice to have wisdom.)  I figured I should train a little so I am on the bike every day when the temp is above 50 degrees.  This race is in the mountains above Butte at 6000+ feet.  I live at 3000+.  The word is the race is an a#@ kicker due to long nasty climbs at 6000+ feet.  I am in the 60+ age group so I will have an excuse when 90% of the riders leave me in the dust.  The other 10% will beat me just because I am slow.  My goal for this event is simple, do not be last.  That goal is going to require training effort.  Oh, I almost forgot, I am doing a marathon two weeks before the bike race.  Confirming I am an idiot.

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