Guinness flavored ice cream

Today I gave a test to the afternoon college class I teach and I got bored.  When I get bored I start thinking about stupid things.  So I started thinking about a problem I plan to present to a 7th grader I am tutoring.  I am going to do some Project Euler problems with him using Small Basic.  This is a very bright 7th grader.  I am sitting there in this test, bored, thinking I would like to start working on the program I want to start him working with.  All I had was my Droid phone and no way to program on it.  There are several web based languages out there for programming but the ones that are semi-easy to work in are for building apps.  I did not want to build an app; I want to build a program that will find the sum of the even values of the Fibonacci sequence up to the nth term.  I want Small Basic on my Droid phone, iPad, or Nexus 7 and I want to be able to share that program on my Windows laptop.  Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was some nice, simple, versatile little language like Small Basic that was web based to cure my boredom?  So I typed “basic” into the Play Store.  Oh goody!  I actually found something!  It is “BASIC!”  It has a manual and everything.  It took me seconds to add two numbers.  (That is after I spent 15 minutes trying to find the equal sign on my phone keyboard.  Who knew that the 1/3 symbol meant “1 of 3” and not one third.)  Not exactly what the doctor ordered but still pretty cool.  I even found a sort of equivalent called Hand BASIC for the iPad.  I can see having all these programming doodlings on three different platforms and no way to do anything with them.  I still want a web Small Basic.  I also want Guinness flavored ice cream.


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