Summer Fun

I have to get the summer project list started.  I work at the school all summer fixing broken computers that I ignored during the school year so I should have some time.  I plan on focusing on two primary objectives: get better at understanding Corona and try to find some high school level (not high school programming genius level) C#/Kinect material.  For the Corona I have found an online video tutorial that will help.  I am not a big video tutorial fan but it is the only solution available.  So far the C# material I have found for “high school” seems to assume the kids started programming at age 3.  I want the material that steps from Small Basic to C#.  I am not sure it is possible but I have to try.  After seeing the videos of the new Kinect I have got to figure this thing out.  It looks incredible.

This is going to be a busy summer.  I want to learn Corona better and learn, or at least find some decent material for C# with Kinect.  I also have a marathon and a 50 mile mountain bike race at 6000+ feet on the schedule.  The marathon and the bike race will be the easy part.


One Response to “Summer Fun”

  1. Alfred Thompson Says:

    I really want to use Kinect with my C# students next year. Means some serious work for me of course. But when I bring it up to students they get excited which suggests the effort will be worth it.

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