School Tech Glory

Today I used my computer science problem solving skills developed through my years of experience to their utmost.  This morning first thing I argued with an external usb drive and Windows backup.  I lost.  NovaBackup to the rescue.  Next it was a driver for a printer that should have worked and didn’t.  I go to the HP website and download a new driver.  Success!  Then it was a printer that supposedly did not work but did.  Throw in the time to get Google Apps to sync with Outlook and teach two accountants how to use Google Drive.  A whole new world of storage has been opened up for them.  I spent an hour changing computer names and IP address in one of my labs.  I then started working on a second lab.  I had to move the computers on the tables to the floor.  That required unplugging all the cables and plugging them back it.  Oh, I also had to crawl under all the tables to accomplish this.  It gets even better.  The twenty or so extra towers in the lab had to be moved out of the classroom into my storage area under the stairs.  Why are some towers much heavier than others?  I am still feeling the effects of that bit of exercise.

Having been both the tech and a CS teacher I do find that being a tech is significantly easier than teaching CS.  It is much easier to figure out why a computer is acting up compared to why a student is acting up.  I can usually find a computer or network problem solution on Google.  Kids are not quite so consistent.  The computers I cannot fix I save for the summer.  When school is out I take them to the roof and throw them off.  It does not fix the computer but it sure is satisfying.  If I did that with a kid or two someone would be bound to complain about the mess in the parking lot.  The kid would also probably make a lot of noise on the way down.


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