Life is not all CS

Yesterday was my 50 mile mountain bike race.  I finished.  9 hours and 50 minutes of pedaling and pushing.  Lots and lots of pushing. The Butte 100 (I did the 50) is called the most difficult mountain bike race in the nation.  The 50 is the hard half.  Finishing this thing was one of the hardest things I have done in 40 years.  At about 6 hours I started to get an upset stomach.  I was drinking a lot so I am guessing I was not doing enough electrolytes to balance the water.  Whatever, the upset stomach just drained me.  I finished (Marines, even former Marines, do not quit, ever) but I pushed a lot of hills than I would normally have pedaled up.  I will not do this race again.  I mountain bike for fun, the challenge and the thrill of the downhill.  This race was not my type of fun.  I am glad I have done it because now I know.  Now I can work on that 4 hour marathon time for next July.  What an idiot.


One Response to “Life is not all CS”

  1. geekymom Says:

    Good for you for finishing, but I know what you mean about not doing it again. I did the 60 mile breast cancer walk and while I was proud of myself and had some good moments. The pain wasn’t quite worth it.

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