I can barely spell C

The Good Idea Fairy strikes again.  I am chatting with a friend of mine who is a CS professor at my local university.  He mentions that he is developing an intro level C programming course for the 2 year college for this spring semester.  In a moment of idiocy I suggest the university offer it as a dual-credit course so I can offer it to my high school students.  What is so stupid about that you say?  I can barely spell C.  I did some C programming 30 years ago when I was much younger and smarter.  I am not bothered by the language itself, most of the languages I have been working with the last few years are all derived or are a variant of C.  The interesting part (there are several other words besides interesting I could use here) is I have no idea what to use to write and/or compile a C program anymore.    I vaguely remember writing the C code in an editor of some kind and then sending it off to some magic place and the results returning from that magic place.  I would assume things have changed.  I am so spoiled by Microsoft products that I need to start figuring out how to start with a language I know absolutely nothing about any more.  Google, here I come.  Someday I will learn to keep my mouth shut and let the Good Idea Fairy just die.


2 Responses to “I can barely spell C”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    I recommend having students use a text editor and gcc, as these will be available on essentially every platform they ever encounter. A lot of teachers seem to prefer having the students do all their work in a sandbox, but I’ve found that students who’ve done all their programming in IDEs seem to have difficulty learning other ways of working (including different IDEs).

    Which text editor to use depends on the platform, unfortunately. On Macs, my son prefers TextWrangler. I don’t know what he plans to use on his new Linux box. I’m a long-time emacs user (starting with the first emacs, which was teco macros), but I don’t recommend that for beginners.

  2. Garth Says:

    I have been living in the IDE world too long myself. I have Notepad++ for an editor. I will figure out the gcc compiler thing for Win7. Thanks.

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