Check out Codea

Somewhere I saw a reference to Codea, an IDE for writing code on the iPad.  In my endless search for new ideas for my programming classes I figured I ought to take a look.  Initially I was not too excited.  Blind old farts like me have an issue with typing and reading on a “little” screen  (I have a 27 inch monitor in my office), but it did look like it would be a tempting medium.  Kids like iPads and being able to write code for apps for the iPad without having to jump through the Apple Developer hoops seems like a good idea.  Codea uses Lua, the same background language Corona uses.  I use Corona in some of my advanced classes already so Codea might be an interesting sidelight.  Then I figured out how to work Air Code.  Oh, Oh, Oh, or words of excitement to that effect.  Air Code is a part of Codea that puts the code on a big screen so a BOF like me can actually see it.  The code changes are reflected live on the iPad.  Now this is cool.  The trouble is now I have to find iPads for my advanced programming class.  Details, details.


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