Ain’t no CS in Montana

Thursday and Friday were the Montana Education Association’s conference days.  I looked through the sectionals for something relevant to CS.  Zip.  The closest Montana has to a CS teacher’s group is the Montana Council for Computers & Technology in Education (MCCE).  The sectionals for this organization are more teaching with technology, not CS; things like teaching with iPads, how to build a classroom web site and so on.  I thought about getting involved in this organization but I after looking at their website they are oriented in a different direction and might take some serious bending to go the CS direction.  I started thinking I need to get a Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) chapter started.  I looked at the requirements for getting a chapter started and hit a glitch.  To start a chapter there must be a minimum of 5 members.  I know of 3 CS teachers in western Montana, and two of those are in my school.  And as strange as it may seem, that may be all there are.  The Montana Office of Public Instruction claims there are only 5 schools in Montana offering CS.  I do not believe this but I know the number is not much bigger.  The spread-out nature of Montana and the fact that each school district is an independent entity makes it a bit difficult to actually find these CS teachers; who is teaching what is sort of word-of-mouth.  Finding CS teachers in Montana could turn into an interesting project.


One Response to “Ain’t no CS in Montana”

  1. Ryan Schrenk Says:

    I’m officially certified but haven’t taught CS for years and am very rusty.

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