DevFest Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to be a panel member for “The Future of Education” at the Montana DevFest.  DevFest is a couple of days of tech oriented presentations and speakers getting together to promote technology education.  A couple of the presentations are on topics of deep interest to me; Khan Academy and CodeMontana.  In both cases I have to keep an open mind.  As vehicles to teach programming I think they are both duds.  I think learning to program should have a little action and excitement.  Programming can be taught in a manner that would put a 14 year old down and out as they snack the day after Halloween.  Both of these programs seem to be of that quality.  Are they better than nothing?  Yes, definitely.  Since most schools in Montana presently have nothing in the way of programming or teachers that can teach programming, both programs are a viable solution to the lack of programming for most of the schools in Montana.  I feel there is no substitute to a good, experienced, knowledgeable and live teacher.  It seems like a lot of the statistics on MOOCs is substantiating this view.  But I have got to keep an open mind.


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