Python, here we come

Next semester I will give Python a try with the advanced class.  I have been working through “Think Python” by Allen Downey and I think the book will do the trick.  Besides, the price is right.  The book is a little mathy and there are not a lot of exciting projects but I think I can flesh it out without any problem.  My local university is considering offering a dual credit CS 100 level course with Python so I might as well get ahead of the game by getting started.  I like the idea I can get graphics, animation and Lego robotics all with one language.  I do not think Python has the kid attractiveness of Corona SDK and mobile device programming but I do think Python is a bit more college preparatory.  Corona sometimes has just a bit too much going on and the kids can get too focused on the graphics and physics instead of the programming.  Since I typically keep the advanced kids for 3 or 4 semesters I should have the opportunity to do both languages with them.  The Python looks to be a good base language that will make the Corona SDK easier to understand.

A fun thing about Python is there seems to be a library for almost any purpose; Lego robots, Arduino devices, game making (pygame) and almost anything else.  If I cannot make an exciting course I am just being lazy.


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