The Glory of being a School Tech

Ah yes.  The casual life of the tech guy.  It is finals week here.  Now what is the second worst thing that can happen during finals week?  The worst thing by far is if the copy machine were to die.  The second worst is the grading software dies.  It died.  The server actually croaked.  I did some updates, did a restart and it would not restart.  A bios error was all that would appear on the monitor.  A little Googling (21st Century Skill) and the solution is to replace the mother board.  Bad, real bad.  BUT it just so happened I had an identical (well almost) server sitting idle right next to the dead SOB.  Swap the drives and the controller and I should be back in business.  The “almost” involved two hours of “why won’t this @#$%^ thing talk to the internet?”  It is back.  I am happy.  The teachers are happy.  The principals are happy.  All is good with the world.  The councilor is not so happy because he could not print the semester 2 schedules for next week.  The kids will come in Tuesday (no school Monday) not knowing where to go.  Oh yes, this is all right after I made a change in the grade software that killed all parent and student login passwords.  Those all have to be redone one at a time.

I learned a lot today.  Now if I can just remember it for next time something like this happens.

Now I have to gather some chewing gum, some baling wire and some duct tape so I can fix the dead server and get another 10 years out of it.


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