College students = boring; high school students = ain’t

Well, I went over and sat in on the Python programming course at the local university today.  I had forgotten how boring college students can be.  The instructor was good.  Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a good presenter but getting the room to respond to his questions was like pulling teeth.  There were between 20 and 30 students in the room.  They all were listening but just not really there.  High school kids have spoiled me; there is always somebody willing to contribute even if it is off topic.  I now remember why I got out of the full-time college teaching job.  High school is so much more fun and challenging.


2 Responses to “College students = boring; high school students = ain’t”

  1. geekymom Says:

    Completely agree! When people asked me why I was moving from college to high school teaching, I said I was looking for that enthusiasm that kids had when they were learning something new. College students were too jaded.

  2. Mike Zamansky (@zamansky) Says:

    This is one of the things that kept me in high school. The College kids expected to be lectured to. It took a good chunk of the term to “retrain” them and even then it was a rough road..

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