A live and learn weekend.

This was sort of a live and learn weekend in the practice of grading programming assignments.  With this new Python course I am having the kids turn in a lot of small programming assignments.  They turn them in digitally to a shared folder or they email them to me.  No problem there.  The problem was I did not specify the format for naming the assignments.  Big booboo.  Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees.  Some kids built a folder with their name and dropped their assignments in there.  Some put their name and what the assignment was (Bob draw star).  Some put their name and the problem number.  Some did variations of all and were not consistent.  What a mess.  I spent an hour just organizing the assignment names so I could grade them by assignment instead of by kid.  Like I said, live and learn.

I was afraid the kids would plagiarize the heck out of each other with all these little assignments.  They work in a fairly small room so it is easy to copy someone else’s code and I also promote peer assistance.  No problem there.  I did not realize there were so many ways of coding up a simple assignment and have the code make sense and work all at the same time.  Cool.  Kids I know got help from others still managed to make it their own which seemed amazing.

I also managed to get in a day of snowboarding.  I had been having some bad back and leg pain from a couple of ruptured disks (1974, stupid plane was too close to the ground when I jumped out).  I was afraid snowboarding was going to aggravate the heck out of it.  No problem.  The only issue was I was way out of shape from being on the couch for four weeks of back pain.  I feel I can now get back to working out and running without my leg feeling like it is on fire.  I have a half marathon scheduled for this Saturday. I am an idiot but if I wait to heal completely so I am painless, I will be dead of old age.  I am also an idiot for doing a half marathon in February.  Temperature is supposed to be twenty-eight and snowing.  I am a warm weather runner (I like it at ninety degrees) so this is really not my cup of tea.  What the heck, if you are not going to live life, quit.  The run is around Seeley Lake mostly on dirt roads so a thaw would be much worse that the cold.  I figure 4 or 5 upper body layers and a fanny pack to store it in if I heat up and I should be good.  So long as it does not blizzard I will be a happy camper.  If I start to get cold, run faster!


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