Spring break is on the way.

No computer science or programming in this blog today.

The week after next is our spring break.  This year we have a full week off (9 days) where usually we get a 5 day weekend.  I and a friend are heading to Moab, Utah to mountain bike for 3 days straight.  Mountain biking is what I do in the summer.  I used to be a dirt biker all summer but an excessive number of broken body parts made me switch to mountain bikes.  I still break body parts, but now it is just at a slower speed.

If you are not familiar with Moab it is a mountain biking Mecca.  Moab has miles and miles of incredible trails, almost all of which are very technical or very fast or very scenic and usually all three.  Mistakes can lead to more broken body parts or at least some very conversational scars.  I have been going to Moab since the early ‘90s when the place was just starting to get known as a cool place to ride.  Back then you could find camping right at the trail heads and not see more than 4 or 5 tents.  Now you had better have a reservation.  It is interesting to see the transition from a backwater unknown to a Mecca.  Not good or bad, just interesting.  Missoula has miles and miles of mountain biking trails but they are presently under 2 feet of snow.  Hence Moab.

The friend I am going with is about half my age and is an absolute physical wonder.  What I can do with experience he more than makes up for in athletic ability and power.  I am hoping I do not kill myself trying to keep up with him.  It does not look good.

This trip we are camping.  When I went down with 3 friends last year we rented a condo with all the amenities.  This trip is a budget run.  Camping does have certain advantages.  Of course as I sit here thinking of advantages to list I can only come up with one, it is cheap.  That works.  A nice thing is the camp ground is in the middle of town and the brewery is in walking range.  With two beers before bed I hopefully will not notice the aches and pains and the fact I am sleeping in a sleeping bag on a pad.  Maybe three beers.

The week we are going is also Jeep Safari week.  There will be a thousand Jeeps and Jeep-like vehicles running all over the back roads.  I have been to Moab on Safari week before.  It is a blast.  It is a bit crowded but there is just something about watching a $50,000 Hummer flip upside down on an ugly climb.  With the Jeeps all over the place the mountain bikers to not have to worry about running out of water, tools, air for flat tires or beer.  Those Jeepers know how to travel.  When we get tired we can just sit on a rock and watch the Jeeps try to climb something almost impossible.  Lots of fun.


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