Then there are those of use that think we are digitally educated who get digitally wasted every now and then.  My student information system, Powerschool (PS), is on a virtualized server.  It was running out of hard drive space. Microsoft Hyper-V, the virtualization system I use, has a simple way to expand the hard drive space.  There is this little warning about expanding a server that is using something called Snapshot.  I turned Snapshot off, and happily ran the expanded function.  Bad things happened.  The Snapshot was not off.  The server will not run.  I am in full panic mode.  I have found a script that is supposed to fix this error.  I do have hope.  Tomorrow I will give it a try.

There are a lot of things I should have done before trying this expand thing.  Running a backup on my PS to an external hard drive just in case, trying the expand on a less critical server, backing up the virtualization file and most of all, paying more attention to little yellow warning symbols.  All of these things were doable but are only obvious after the fact.

Being a school IT guy means being able to do things you have absolutely no training in.  Everything from school bell software to messing with Hyper-V virtualization.  Budget constraints are such that calling in an expert is not something to be considered.  Learning something new every day keeps my brain on the top or its game, at least as top as it ever was, but there is always a gamble that what I do not know will come back and bite me in the posterior.


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