Fun with Mindstorms, sort of.

I got the leJos working finally.  It is a bit of a procedure.  Lejos is 32 bit and if anything it needs or uses is 64 bit it does not work.  Of course all the laptops we use are 64 bit.  So I needed 32 bit (x86) Java JDK, 32 bit Eclipse (the 64 bit version almost works so I spent some time trying to get it to work until I read the leJos install directions.  RTFM.)  The driver from the Mindstorms NXT-G is needed so NXT-G needs to be installed from the CD.  Downloading the driver from Lego and running it does not seem to work.  Oh, then there is a plugin for Eclipse that you would not know about unless you read the README.txt in the leJos folder.  Who reads the README.txts?  I do now.

Now that I have it running it should be interesting.  I am sort of thinking on having a “How many languages can you control a Lego robot with?” competition.  One of those “CS is more than programming” kind of things.  Sometimes the programming is the easy part considering the amount of troubleshooting it takes to get to the point where you can program.  Got to think on this.

Let’s see,

  1. NXT-G – kind of cheating, it comes with the Lego robot but still a pain to work with.
  2. RobotC – easy to install and use, lots of good documentation.
  3. Java – eek, but worth the learning exercise.
  4. Python – the instructions are on the internet,
  5. VB – I looked, I thunk, I chickened out. Maybe later.
  6. Microsoft VPL – do not see much of VPL anymore but I did it a few years ago.
  7. C# – it is out there.

Looks like fun.


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