Techie life and job security

It is spring break. We have Wednesday through Monday off.  It being spring in Montana it is snowing and raining out right now.  Let’s see, what did I do Wednesday?  Oh yes, spent 5 hours at school trying to upgrade Powerschool, our grading software.  I did not succeed.  Where am I now (it is Thursday)?  Still try to upgrade Powerschool.  Right at the moment, while I type this, I am on hold for a Powerschool tech.  Been on hold for about an hour.  I have been here 4 hours trying to figure out what is wrong.

I love Powerschool.  It guarantees job security for me.  I could probably burn a cross on the school lawn and the comment would be “Leave him alone, he is the only one willing to work on the Powerschool!”  Just kidding, I would not want to damage the lawn.  I think PS has reached a level of complexity that it is almost guaranteed something is going to be screwed up with it most of the time.  I am try to upgrade from version 7 to version 8.  Version 7 will no longer be supported starting July.  I asked a PS tech the other day what the difference was.  “Not much.”  Then why the big upgrade? Long pause.  Hopefully he was just a tech who was not in the know.

I have Friday and Monday to get PS up and running.  Luckily it is going on a new server so I did not have to hose the old PS7.  If all else fails and I cannot get PS8 running I just have to fire up the old version.  The only thing lost will be my time.  If it was sunny out I would be pissed.  No, wait, the snow has quit and it is now sunny.  It is 4:00 and I have not had lunch.  I am out of here.


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