Mountain biking this week

I am in Oregon this week mountain biking.  Three friends and I are doing the McKenzie River Trail and some of the other area trails.  The McKenzie river trail is a bucket list trail for mountain bikers.  We did it today.  The first 5 miles is this flowy, smooth high speed thing.  Absolute heaven.  The middle 10 miles had moments of heaven and moments of hell.  The McKenzie river area is volcanic.  For long stretches the trail is lots and lots of very nasty sharp volcanic rock.  Extremely technical riding.  If you fall you bleed a lot.  Lots of hike-a-bike for those of us not into bleeding.  The last 15 miles is back into heaven.  We did 30 miles today in about 6 hours.  Wasted is the word.  The last 15 miles was so fun I simply did not want to stop.  I should have stopped more.  Explains the wasted.  I am so tired from trying to keep up with the 20 something speed demon that is with us I am falling asleep typing this.  I really need to learn to act my age.  Nah.  No fun in that.  Ibuprofen is cheap and has only a few bad side effects.  I only have to survive 2 more days of riding and one of my friends can drive home while I am passed out in the back seat.

When I get back it is back to the techie world again.  Tuesday I have a consultant building a new domain controller for the school.  The old one is Server 2003 and is starting to have issues.  The new one will be Server 2012 and getting the two to share may be fun to watch.  I also have to figure out what I am going to do with my programing classes and figure out what Math II is all about.  I taught Math II several years ago but cannot remember exactly what is in the course.  Math II should be easy to plan.  We have a curriculum.  Programming is another issue completely.  We have no curriculum.  I wing it depending on who is in the class.  A couple of the kids took my Python course as sophomores.  They are going to retake it for college credit.  (Sophomore are not eligible for college credit in dual credit courses.)  So I need to rewrite the course so they are not doing the same stuff we already did.  This wil require that I think and plan.  No fun.  The fact that they are already ahead of the game will let me do some off the wall stuff (Project Spark anyone?) so I think we can have some directed fun.  Teaching programming just allows so many directions.  It is really hard to do something that is not worthwhile for the kids going on to college with it.  Make them think and solve.  That is all I have to do.

Time to pass out.  Old men need their sleep.


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