A Happy and Sad Day in the Life of a School Techie.

I got to school this morning and immediately got a message the elementary school library data server had an issue.  After unburying the server (covered with books on a bottom shelf) I looked at the message on the screen.  “Missing or corrupted file”.  Always a bad one.  The server is running Server 2000 on a 1998 era standard computer.  I am absolutely amazed it lasted this long.  I tried to repair it with Server 2003.  Nope.  I informed the high school librarian (the only one we have) I was not going to do anything with the server other than cart it to the dumpster.  There was no backup.  She was sad.  I have been telling her for 10 year she need to go to a web based card catalog instead of the 14 year old software on 15 year old computers.  She was sad some more.  I told the elementary principal he had no more library data.  He was sad.

One of the elementary teachers could not get Win 10 to install on her laptop.  She had one bar of wireless.  I hard wired it and disabled the wireless.  I will check Monday if it installed.  She seemed happy.

The elementary art teach has a dead hard drive.  Can I recover her files for her?  Maybe.  I will stick the hard drive in a computer as a second drive and hope.  I have been telling the staff for 5 years to save their stuff to the cloud in case their hard drive croaks.  She is sad.  I am sad for her but do not have any sympathy.

While I was working in the elementary building the bells rang.  No problem other than they would not shut off.  The maintenance man shut them off.  For some reason I am the bell fixer guy.  I bolted out of the elementary building and went to the high school.  I was happy.

A computer in the French room was “acting up”.  Whatever that is.  It would not “act up” for me but I deleted some old software just to say I did something to it.  Everyone was happy

I worked on PowerSchool for about an hour trying to get the new immunization to print on the transcripts.  I contacted PowerSchool support.  He said the ones that do print should not.  He will have to do some research to figure out why those do print and then try to figure out how to get the new one to print.  I love it.  I am happy is was not my usual stupidity with PowerSchool.

The Athletic Director calls.  The machine that paints lines on the soccer field was acting up and would not paint any more lines.  (I am NOT the paint line machine fixer guy.  I have the skills but enough is enough.)  I got some cans of paint from Ace Hardware and painted them by hand.  My back hurts and I think I sniffed too many paint fumes.  I am buzzed so I must be happy.

The day is almost over.  I now get to go watch the boys play soccer on my fresh lines and then help coach the girls’ team on my slightly used fresh lines.  It is 80 degrees out and I rode my motorcycle to school.  I am very happy.

After the games I will head home on the motorcycle.  That will again make me happy.  When I get home I have a fresh growler of beer in my fridge.  I will sit, watch some TV, drink a beer, eat some chili and try to decide if I am going mountain biking or motorcycling Saturday.  Whatever I do tomorrow it will have to involve motion because being stationary after the chili the night before would be a bad thing.  I will be real happy.


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