New toys are a comin’

I had Dr Hunter Lloyd from Montana State University visit to talk to one of my programming classes.  He is a CS and robotics professor doing some cutting edge work with Google and Intel. I can say I have had my mind blown for the day.  He had a prototype phone which has an upper generation Kinect-like multiple camera array in it.  You can walk around recording a 3-D image of your house, save it, program characters, mount the phone in a Google Cardboard and play a first person shooter in your house with a virtual array of good guys and bad guys.  You have virtual guns, bullets and so on.  I will let you imagine non-FPS, non-gaming uses for a device like this.  Supposedly it will be available in May.  He is connecting this device to a robot.

I figure I have 3 more years of teaching before I retire.  I think I will then move to Bozeman and work on a CS degree just so I can play with this stuff.  Now if I can only convince my wife that this is a good idea.


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