Thinking about summer fun

The school year is winding down for the seniors so things are winding up for me.  Finals to write, stuff to grade that should have been graded last week, and of course all the odds and ends of the IT job sort of happening all at once.  We finally got around to getting a Microsoft software subscription so we can upgrade to Office 2016 and Windows 10 so I have that to do.  Now I could wait until school is out to do this but that would make way too much sense.  At my school we install software by tennis shoe.  None of this fancy remote bulk install business.  I leg around to every computer and install by hand.  Extremely inefficient you say?  Yes, but it is the only way I can guarantee to look at ever computer in the school and see what is screwed up on it.  Old software, bad keyboards, processors caked with dust, paper stuffed into floppy drives, CD players used as cup holders, pencils in fans, you know, the usual school computer issues.  I think I still have some computers with production dates from the last century.  I probably ought to retire those to the museum.  The library server is running Windows 95.  I need to burn some incense over it and maybe have a priest come bless it again.  The software is so old I do not want to try to move it to something new.  We cannot afford new library software.  Hence the need for a blessing.  I probably need to find a better solution to holding the video card into the library presentation computer.  The piece of chewing gum I presently have holding it in is probably getting really hard.  (No s#$%, it is held in by chewing gum.  The kids gave me an odd look when I asked for the gum a girl was chewing and stuck it in the computer.  Kids just do not know how to improvise.)

I just received 10 new wireless access points for the elementary school.  $85 each instead of the present $600 APs.  One for every classroom that uses tech and a couple to spare.  The building was built in the early ‘60s of cinder block.  Wireless signal does not go well through cinder block.  The present system of APs in the halls almost works.  “Almost” being the key word here.  These new APs are web managed.  Something new to learn.  I would like to get a couple of these working before the year is up.  I want to see what happens when 20 odd computers hit them.  By the end of next week I will be done with my two classes of seniors so I will have time to start on projects.

With 1.5 techs for the district summers can be quite busy.  I do get one work-study kid for the summer.  I am in luck this year because she is a major computer geek and a worker.  She is a freshman right now so I will hopefully have her for three summers.

I also have to start prepping for the games course I want to offer next fall.  I want to dabble in Unity which means I have to learn Unity.  Which means I have to refresh on C#.  Luckily there is a lot of Unity learning stuff out there.

Summer fun.


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