Project Spark was the coolest..

Microsoft’s Project Spark is going away.  I am royally bummed.  If you are not familiar with PS you have missed out.  It is the coolest 3-D game authoring software you can imagine.  It is definitely written for kids and hobbyists but it is still really cool.  I can see why Microsoft is ending it.  It looks support intensive and it is free.  No money involved and MS already has a lot of no money involved products out there.  I was planning to center a game course around PS but maybe it is for the best.  I now have to learn Unity well enough to more than dabble in it.  It is just that PS allowed the user to make such cool terrain and had interesting characters.  A kid could whip a half way decent simple game in an hour and then share it with others.  The programming language really was not a language and was a bit restricted but it was still good enough to get a kid started with some fundamental thinking with programming.

The loss of PS is going to leave a pretty big gap between Kodu and whatever else someone want to use after Kodu.  I do not see Kodu or PS as great programming environments, but more as entry level drugs.  Play with them for a while then get the kids interested in big kid languages where they can do more.  PS was just such a great combination of building and programming.  I can hope that MS comes out with something new and cool in this direction again.


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