The Search for the Holy Grail

Next fall I am going to teach a course with Unity 5.  The fact I know nothing about Unity 5 does not bother me too much.  I do not know a lot about programming and have been teaching it for 30 years.  Find a good book and stay ahead of the kids.  (Unless there is a really smart kid, then just get out of the way.)  So I have been looking for a good book.  Now comes the bother.  There are many books on Unity 5.  Which one to buy with my limited purchasing funds?  Those funds that are in my back pocket so I am not buying a bunch to try.  Most people are suggesting the video tutorials produced by Unity.  I have done a couple of those and they are pretty good but they are videos.  Just not the same as a book.  A book I can tab.  A book I can thumb through quickly to find what I forgot from yesterday.  A book has a table of contents and an index so I do not have to scan back and forth looking for the right moment in time.  So I am looking for a book.  And a cheap book at that.  When I decided to teach Python a few years ago I had the same problem.  Lots of books.  In my internet search for a Python book I stumbled on to “How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 3”.  A free downloadable book.  Best kind.  Usually you get what you pay for.  Not in this case.  It is a great book for Python.  Especially since it is available in Word.  I can edit it!  I can put notes in it.  Jackpot.

I continue the great book search of Unity 5.  I have found a few book-ish resources but nothing that avails itself to being printed and stuck in a binder so I can scribble in it.  It has been a while since I have taught myself new software and I am finding that it takes a bit more work to stay on task than it used to.  Sitting in front of a computer in the summer is just not as much fun as mountain biking in the summer.  The book has got to somehow manage to keep me focused and interested.  Good luck with that.


One Response to “The Search for the Holy Grail”

  1. zamanskym Says:

    Yes. I guess we just come from a different age but for technical stuff, I love a physical, touch it, mark it up, dog ear it book.

    Can’t help on the unity front – only that most of my kids that have ended up making things using unity (not sure the version) were all proud of what they built but really hated using Unity. Loved what it allowed them to do but didn’t love what they had to do to get there.

    Personally, I’ve never used it so take the comment with a grain of salt.

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