Sneakers rule!

The sneaker install of Windows 10 is going.  Notice I did not say “going well”.  It is absolutely amazing the number of computers in the school that have issues that no one had bothered to tell me about.  Computers with “trust issues”, dead monitors, no internet, hard drives that sound like a blender full of rocks, ten-minute boot times and so on.  I teach half time so I do not run around the school regularly checking computers and I do not have any nifty software to monitor the status of computers on the network.  If someone does not tell me they have a computer with issues I do not know about it.  So along with the install I am fixing all sorts of weird things.  I am also finding that although Win10 will install on a computer with only 1 gig of RAM, it is not happy about it.  I have a few computers where it just will not go.  The processor is to old.  Time to contact the Montana State recycle warehouse to see what they have.

This sneaker install is the only way to go.  I get to look at every computer in the school.  Slow but needed.  Some of the schools use a server to image their computers.  I do not have enough computers of the same brand to make that worthwhile.  Another reason for the walk-about install method.  Most schools have a computer rotation schedule.  I rotate a computer when it catches on fire or the processor is older than my students.  (Yes, I did have one catch on fire.  Short in the power supply.  Sparks out the back and smoke.  Kind of cool and lots of excitement for a couple of minutes.)

Right now I am really promoting the BYOD (bring your own device) approach to the kids.  The more BYOD laptops, the fewer school computers I have to keep alive.  Since there are Windows laptops out there for $200 I do not consider getting a laptop a difficulty for a kid.

My programming classes are required to have a laptop.  I have loaners if there is a money issue but I do not set up the loaners for a class.  The kids install the software, they deal with saving to the cloud, they deal with video card issues, they deal with wireless issues and so on.  In other words, they learn the hardware aspects of CS.  I figure if I have to know all this random hardware stuff to do my job I might as well teach them what I have learned.

Right now I am learning about SSL certificates.  I had to get one for a third party application in Powerschool.  Yesterday I could spell SSL.  Today I sort of understand what SSL is all about.  The trouble is installing the SSL certificate seems to have killed my Powerschool.  What joy.  This IT job is just chuck full of exciting and educational events.


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