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It is summer: Lots of bike, a little IT.

July 19, 2016

I have spent the spring and summer on my mountain bike training for the Butte 50 on July 30.  This is a 50-mile mountain bike race in the mountains above Butte, Montana.  It has been categorized as one of the toughest 50 mile races in the US.  I did it two years ago.  Took me 10 hours on the bike.  It is a loop but I swear there is a lot more up than there is down.  Time-wise there is definitely a lot more up.  I am feeling pretty good about it this year.  I cut way back on beer in an attempt to lose ten pounds.  Ten pounds is a lot of weight on a three-mile climb.  So far I have managed to lose five pounds.  About what I expected.

The Butte 50 entry is a lottery.  I keep winning the lottery.  I won last year but could not ride due to a health issue.  Why can’t I win a lottery involving money?

I did a 46-mile mountain bike race a couple of weeks ago.  My goal was that nobody older than me would finish in front of me.  I reached my goal.  Of course I was the oldest rider but if I over look that little detail I am good.  Oh, and I was not last.  Close, but not last.  And I did not know I was the oldest until after the race.

If I had a higher IQ I would not sign up for this kind of thing.  There is just something in me that requires a physical challenge in front of me.  I get plenty of intellectual challenges being the IT department for the school.  This is about the only physical challenge I get other than riding with friends.  I used to run a lot and do marathons but the Achilles tendons are toast from too many miles with a pack and from running.

I did 21 miles of the course in 4 hours Sunday.  This week is a taper down week and next week is a maintenance week.

IT-wise today is a replace the school’s main firewall/router day.  The present router is old and makes me nervous.  I bought a nifty new Barracuda router.  I am not installing it.  I have a local guru and tech support.  Yippee.